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Drop in every Wednesday and Friday for weekly pickup games!

Schedule: Welcome

There's Nothing like it!

Soccer pick-up games every Wednesday. 


8:30PM to 10:30PM

$ 12

Join the fun with players just like you. 

2-Hour Session! 

Recreational – All levels.

A fun & competitive indoor soccer game.

Every Wednesday. 

Click Below for a Walkthrough of our Facility!

Benefits of Playing Indoor Soccer

GOAL Indoor soccer features constant, end-to-end action, very few breaks in play, and frequent scoring opportunities, making it one of the most entertaining games for players and spectators.
The consistent activity of indoor soccer helps to develop physical fitness in several categories: Speed, power, coordination, and endurance.
 Indoor soccer, by its very nature, emphasizes the need to remain active and alert, because the ball may rebound back into a player’s vicinity at any given moment. This encourages good habits that players can then carry with them to outdoor soccer.
With each participant getting much more time with or near the ball (as compared to the outdoor game), indoor soccer provides greater opportunities for players to build their skills, such as ball control, dribbling, passing and shooting accuracy, and tactical awareness.
 The nature of indoor soccer allows participants of a wide range of size, physical strength, speed, and endurance to excel in the sport. Coordination and awareness of the game’s dynamics often count for more than pure speed or kicking power. The shared experience of indoor soccer has proven to be a fulfilling, unifying experience for many groups of young players.
Participate in indoor soccer to improve your game and to enjoy the great experience of the sport year-round!

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